Changes In Version 5.1.227 (10/1/07) Windows Vista compatibility. Changes In Version 5.1.184 (1/2/06) Add ability to synchronize folders in addition to making a regular backup. Changes In Version 5.1.173 (11/28/05) Allow a backup to be restarted later after stopping it at a prompt for a new backup disc. This allows very large backups to be made much more easily. Changes In Version 5.1.167 (11/10/05) Ask for new disc instead of stopping backup if backup destination drive is not ready within 60 seconds of when user tells software they have inserted a disc in that drive.

Do not attempt backup of a drive where software cannot get a listing of the contents of the root folder on that drive.

Improved diagnostics of disc write problems. Changes In Version 5.1.145 (5/6/05) Complete support for folder and file names longer than 64 characters. Changes In Version 5.1.141 (4/23/05) Allow include/exclude wildcards that apply to entire folder trees, with overrides in subtrees.

Show files in selected folder when choosing folders to back up. Changes In Version 5.1.138 (4/11/05) Create a set of standard backup plans when the software is installed, instead of requiring you to execute the Wizard to create them.

When starting a backup, added the ability to create new backup plan in addition to using an existing plan. Previously new backup plans could only be created in the "Manage Backup Plans" area.

Move backup progress display from separate window onto main window, which allows all windows in the program to be minimized while a backup is running. Changes In Version 5.1.127 (3/19/05) An entirely new disc writing engine, with better support for different kinds of DVD writers. Changes In Version 5.1.82 (10/12/04) Extend trial period from 30 to 90 days. Changes In Version 5.1.79 (10/2/04) Add to "Select Folders and Files" window the ability to search your hard drive(s) for "traffic signals" and expand the folder tree to show them all.

Add to Backup Plan Wizard the ability to search for folders by last modification date of files. Also, after Wizard has created a backup plan open it immediately in the "Select Folders and Files" window so user can see and modify what it did. Changes In Version 5.1.73 (9/12/04) Several enhancements to the Backup Plan Wizard and the folder selection window. Changes In Version 5.1.66 (6/30/04) Simplified the process of creating the first backup, by consolidating several prompts. Also clarified several explanations in the software. Changes In Version 5.1.65 (5/30/04) Remove restriction on adding additional backups to backup disc if prior backup(s) on disc had unusually long folder names.

Remove restriction on backing up files with ".." in the name.

Fix bug in backing up entries "Favorites" folder with names longer than 64 characters.

Bring software into comformance with rules for Microsoft "Joliet" file system on CD/DVD media regarding legal file and folder names. Previous versions of the backup software allowed names which violated the Joliet specification, and occasionally resulted in runtime errors. Changes In Version 5.1.50 (12/23/03) Fix bug which caused CD-RW drive compatibility test to falsely report the software was incompatible with many CD-RW drives. Changes In Version 5.1.49 (12/17/03) Allow individual file selection for a folder without requiring any other instruction for the folder (i.e. "red light" or "green light" icon in folder list). Changes In Version 5.1.48 (11/30/03) Replace the old window for selecting individual files to back up with a completely new one which is much easier to use. The new window displays lists of files and file types and lets you click on what to include and exclude in each folder, instead of requiring you to type file names and wildcards.

Add an Explorer style "pick folder" dialog for adding backup destinations, instead of asking the user to type in the path. Changes In Version 5.1.45 (11/20/03) Fix unattended backups using command line options to allow backups to blank discs.

Remove incorrect diagnostic error message. Changes In Version 5.1.44 (11/16/03) Minor fix to setup program, affecting people with some old versions of the backup software if they don't uninstall the old software first. Changes In Version 5.1.40 (11/11/03) Initial release of version 5.1.

The major enhancement in this version is the addition of built-in disc burning capability. Older versions of the software used the packet writing software present on your computer, which sometimes caused compatibility problems.

Support for the various DVD formats such as DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R and DVD+R.

Addition of a "Check Backup" option to verify any backup at any time. Changes In Version 5.0.141 (7/20/03) Removed "nag wait" in trial version of software.

Changed some wording in the user interface to make features easier to understand.

Made the software compatible with the date and time formatting conventions of all languages with which I have tested it: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Polish, Portuguese and Italian. In addition, the software has been tested with various non-English language character sets. The software is NOT compatible with asian languages requiring very large character sets, such as Chinese and Japanese. Changes In Version 5.0.140 (7/13/03) Improved date handling in some non-English language versions of Windows. Changes In Version 5.0.128 (5/10/03) Added Backup Plan Wizard. This makes it easier for new users to create backup plans. Changes In Version 5.0.126 (5/4/03) Fixed bug in "days since last modification" file filtering that affected some international users. It confused month and day in locales where the day of the month comes before the month, instead of the month before the day as in the USA. Changes In Version 5.0.123 (4/24/03) Redesigned main window to be simpler. It now opens a dialog asking for the information it needs, rather than expecting the user to figure out which options on the main window need to be selected before clicking each button.

Renamed "backup type" to "backup plan".

Changed software to automatically start the process of creating a new backup plan if the user clicks "Make Backup" and there are no backup plans. Changes In Version 5.0.113 (3/19/03) Added option to include "special" folders ("c:\System Volume Information", "c:\_RESTORE") in backup activities.

Add graceful messages when software cannot write or delete backup type instruction files.

Allow backup type instructions ("BDF" files) to be saved for the "c:\_RESTORE" and "c:\System Volume Information" folders even if the software cannot write to those folders. The "BDF" files are saved in alternate locations. Changes In Version 5.0.109 (3/8/03) Changed software to suppress warnings about failure to back up some files Windows sometimes opens exclusively for itself, if they are known to be files that can safely be excluded from the backup.

Improved error recovery and diagnostics when file cannot be found to verify after backup. Changes In Version 5.0.104 (2/13/03) Fixed installation problem for users who have a file named "zlib.dll" from another vendor in their windows\system32 folder. This caused a failure to register BackupLib.dll.

Fixed a problem that caused the software to sometimes not recognize CD-RW drives. Changes In Version 5.0.101 (2/15/03) Rewrote software to not use Microsoft Scripting Runtime SCRRUN.DLL, to solve compatibility problems experienced by some users. Changes In Version 5.0.62 (10/1/02) Added the CD-RW Drive Wizard. Changes In Version 5.0 (7/30/02) Initial release of version 5.0. Changes In Version 4.1.22 (7/18/02) Version 4.1.22 is a minor bug fix release. The only bug addressed is failure under some circumstances to recognize that a drive is not accessible, for reasons such as an unformatted disc or a failed network connection. Changes In Version 4.1.20 (6/26/02) Version 4.1.20 is a minor bug fix release. The only bug addressed is the inability to make a registry backup under Windows 95, 98 and ME. Changes In Version 4.1 (6/17/02) The major new features in version 4.1.18 (the first version 4.1 release) are the introduction of Backup Made Simple, the ability to wait until a time of your choice to start a backup, the ability to create a backup log, and improved diagnostics for problems with CD-RW drives.

Here are the details of these features, and others:

Changes In Version 4.0 (1/8/02) The major new features in version 4.0 are the ability to do a full system backup and restore, including the registry, and the addition of an optional backup format which allows file compression and splitting of files across multiple volumes.

Here are the details of these features:

Changes In Version 3.0 (2/21/01) The major new features in version 3.0 are greatly expanded capabilities for backing up recently modified files, and the ability to control all backup options using command line options so backups can be made "unattended".

Here are the details of these features, as well as others:

Changes In Version 2.2 (12/01/00) The only new feature in version 2.2 is the ability to backup only files modified within the last "n" days, where "n" is a number you specify.

There are also numerous smaller improvements to general usability, including but not limited to these:

Changes In Version 2.1 (10/18/00) The major change in version 2.1 is to use as many CD-RW's, CD-R's, or diskettes as needed to hold all the data you wish to back up. The software will ask you to insert additional discs as needed. If a file will not fit entirely in the amount of space remaining on the current disc, it will save the entire file on the next disc.