Restoring Full System Backups

Restoring a full system backup is quite simple if the backup software is functioning correctly. Just start it, select "Restore", and tell it to restore the root folder of the hard drive plus all subfolders, to the original locations. Then reboot your computer.

If the backup includes the system registry, which it should to be considered a full system backup, you should restore that immediately afterward.

Difficulty comes if you don't have a functioning copy of the backup software, for example because you had to replace your hard drive or reformat it. In this case you need to install enough of Windows and your other CD-RW software to allow the backup software to be installed and used. Then continue with the steps outlined above. The full system restore will replace the "temporary" copy of Windows and the CD-RW drive software you just installed, and put everything back to the way it was when the backup was made.

You may experience additional complications if the temporary copy of Windows is configured very differently than the one you want to restore. In this case the temporary system registry settings for it may not be compatible with the copy of Windows you are restoring. Since the temporary registry must coexist with the restored copy of Windows until the registry is restored in the next step, they have to be close enough to work together. For this reason it may be necessary to install such things as device drivers and other hardware related software. You may also want to configure security settings the same, for example the passwords to key logins such as "Administrator".