Packet Writing Software

Version 5.1 of Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple uses a completely new disc burning engine, which does not rely on any additional software being installed on your computer and does not require backup discs to be pre-formatted.

Older versions of the backup software use what is known as "packet writing" software to burn backup discs, and this is still available as an option in version 5.1 if you need it. Packet writing software allows any software to write to your DVD/CD writer by treating it like a hard disk or floppy diskette, using the DVD/CD writer drive letter.

There are many examples of packet writing software. Most are delivered as part of a larger package of software for your DVD/CD writer. Almost all DVD/CD writers come with such a bundle of software, so you should have packet writing software even if you don't know it.

Here are some of the packet writing software applications I know of, undoubtedly there are more.

Drag-To-Disc (formerly Direct CD)
Part of Easy Media Creator (formerly Easy CD Creator)
(This is the most popular packet writing software, though Nero is a strong challenger.)

Part of Nero Burning ROM
Ahead Software
(InCD can be used with CD-RW media, but not CD-R media.)

DLA (Drive Letter Access) software written by Veritas, is included with Record Now MAX. Record Now DX is the the trimmed down version, without DLA.

CE Quadrat Just!Burn

File CD
Part of CD-Maker Pro
NewTech Infosystems
(NOTE: I cannot say with certainty, but I believe Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple are NOT compatible with File CD because File CD does not allow the drive to be written to by other software via the drive letter - instead it provides a window you can drag and drop into from Windows Explorer. This has been asserted by several of my customers, and supported by my own reading of the NTI web site.)

Sony abCD
(NOTE: I cannot say with certainty, but I believe Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple are NOT compatible with abCD. Several customers have reported the same problem with it, both in my software and outside it. It appears my software can write discs with it, but under circumstances that are not clear those discs may not be readable. If you want to try using abCD go ahead, but at your own risk. Make sure you can restore as well as back up.