Compressing And Splitting Files

The software has an optional feature which can compress files and split them across multiple backup discs.

The way it works is each backup plan has a pair of options controlling which files are backed up this way. One option is a check box which makes the feature available for the backup plan, without actually using it on any files, the other is a box where you enter the minimum size of file you want to use the feature on. For example, you can specify to compress and split all files larger than 10 megabytes. All files larger than 10 megabytes will always be compressed on the backup, and if the backup disc runs out of space while saving the compressed data it will ask the user for another disc and continue the file there. It will overflow over onto as many discs as necessary, so there is no limit to the number or sizes of files that may be backed up.

The compression technology used by our software is exactly the same as used by the well known WinZip and PKZIP shareware programs, and is defined by an international standard.