Customer Testimonials We get a lot of nice email from our customers, and with their permission we'd like to share a few of their comments with you.

Thank you very much, Tim. You are a class act, both in software development and customer service. I sincerely appreciate both.

- C. Jones

I wish to commend you for your excellent work and to again thank you for your very prompt and capable assistance in helping me over this updating problem. I also am very thankful for the upgrade and will sing your praises to all that I know.

- B. Brown

Nice work. Nice, fast program. I like the interface also. It's easy to pick what files to back up. I am going to recommend it to all I can.

- D. Horner

Thank you, Tim, for your quick reply. Love the program, well worth the money I paid...

- M. Grumboski

Thank you for your reply. It's nice to see someone standing behind his work. That doesn't seem to happen very much nowadays.

- P. G.

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate the quick response and your company's fine technical support.

- P. McMillan

Bu2DVD does a nice job of handling RW DVDs. It's fast - less than a hour to backup and verify 4.3 GB. Also contrary to others, does not leave a whole bunch of files behind (except for an optional log).

- J. Windhorst

Thanks! Your customer service is awesome.

- R. Maynard

The speed of your response time is amazing! Don't you ever sleep? I am most awed and most grateful. You're terrific!

- B. Romm