How It Works Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple will let you decide which files and folders you want to save, and save that information so you don't have to re-enter it each time you make a backup. When you tell it to save a folder it will automatically save all files in the folder, and all subfolders. Or, you can tell it to not save a subfolder which would otherwise be saved because a parent is being saved. And, you can tailor the backup to make exceptions (either way) for individual files.

There are also several options to backup only files which match the saved backup criteria, and have been recently modified. These options work well with another option to save each backup in a separate folder on the backup disk automatically named for the date and time, so you can make small backups of your recently modified files on a regular basis, and save them all to the same backup disc without overwriting the older backups.

Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple can also compress files on the backup, and if necessary split large files across multiple discs. Files backed up this way obviously need to be restored using the "restore" option in our backup software rather than simply copying or opening then on the backup disc with directly with some other software, as is normally possible with files backed up with our backup software.

Click here for some screen shots of the software.

Whatever you want to backup, it's easy to tell it what to do with simple and easy to understand windows to guide you.