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The Information In Your Computer Is Irreplaceable.
Protect It.  Protect Yourself.

Financial records. Tax information. Email correspondence. Documents from work or school. Digital photos. It's all on your computer, and you can't afford to lose it if something bad happens.

Backup To DVD/CD/Flash, and its cousin Backup Made Simple, protect you by copying your valuable information to a DVD, CD, USB flash drive, or other external device. Then you can quickly restore your valuable information if there is an accident or equipment failure, even if you lose your entire computer.

You choose what to back up by creating a Backup Plan, and using a simple Windows Explorer-like interface to select the folders and files you want to save. If you aren't sure what needs to be backed up on your computer, instead use our Wizard to create a Backup Plan for you by searching your entire computer for folders with the kinds of files you want to save. You don't have to remember where you put things. Backup Plans also adapt automatically when you create, delete, move or rename folders and files, so you don't have to remember to fix them after reorganizing your hard drive.

To further protect you, the software allows you to check your backup discs at any time to make sure they are still restorable no matter how old they are or what might have happened to the backup discs since you made them. You don't even need to have the backup program installed on a computer to restore from the backups - unless you choose otherwise, everything can be copied off the backup using Windows Explorer. This means you can still recover your data even if you have to replace your entire computer, and you've lost your download file to install the software from.

Both backup programs will make backups to DVD's, CD's, USB flash drives, and other USB connected storage devices.

Feature Summary

In addition to protecting your valuable information, Backup To DVD/CD/Flash and Backup Made Simple are also very flexible. They do multi-disc backups, split and compress big files, and make incremental backups containing only recently modified files. They can also create a log file on your computer for each backup they do, with full details of what was saved to that backup. Backups can be fully automated and scheduled, so they're easy enough to do every day if you want. They can even synchronize the contents of selected folders between two computers, finding changes made on one computer and copying them to the other.

The list below introduces the main features of both programs; for a complete list see the features page.

Flexible and Easy To Use

Both of our programs contain a comprehensive set of features to let you make backups the way you want, and are easy to set up and use even for non-technical users. In no time at all you'll be making a backup of the important information on your computer, confident that everything you need is protected.

The software has a number of features designed specifically with flexibility and ease of use in mind.

Of course, this is just the very beginning of what the software can do!

Two Backup Programs

The only difference between our two programs is that Backup To DVD/CD/Flash is configured by default appropriately for DVD, CD, flash drives and other high capacity media, and Backup Made Simple for more general purpose use and when space is at a premium. Mostly this means Backup Made Simple compresses files to save space on the backup media, and Backup To DVD/CD/Flash does not. Each can be configured to operate like the other, they can restore each other's backups, etc. They also accept each other's license ID's so you don't have to buy a second license to use both.

Other Things Worth Noting...

All versions of the software are compatible with all versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP.

Please take a moment to help us improve our software, by answering a few questions about your needs (anonymously, of course).